Are Valorant And Counter-Strike(CS) Maps Similar?

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If you have played Counter-Strike 1.6 much, chances are you’re familiar with a lot of older maps that were no longer available in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Two of them are de_tuscan and de_cpl_mill. Both the maps were second only to de_dust 2. Riot’s new title, VALORANT has entered the world of competitive shooters recently and has gained insane popularity among gamers worldwide. The game initially had three maps – Haven, Bind, and Split in its Beta stage. While Bind and Split have two bombsites each like the Counter-Strike style, Haven (codename Triad) has got three bombsites on the map.

But the interesting fact is that, quite a few more similarities can be found between the Haven and the previously mentioned CS maps than it to be called coincidental.

This has been pointed out by Ninjas in Pyjamas, they wrote, "They learn from the best".

The spawn areas are located on opposite sides with one bombsite to the direct left of CT spawn and another to the right in close proximity in all three of the maps and Haven has replaced the middle of the Counter-Strike maps. The pathway connecting the T spawn to one of the bombsite also seems very similar.

There are enough dissimilarities among the three maps. But we can also conclude that they have intentionally included these similar structures. Maybe in order to make the gameplay more interesting, keeping in mind the popularity of Counter-Strike. The best?

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Salvatore Garozzo, the senior game designer and the map designer of the Counter Strike, now works for Riot.

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