BGMI Launch Party Winner: Team Snax Wins the tournament with 4 consecutive chicken dinners

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With the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, a battle royale game specially developed by Krafton for the Indian audience, Krafton has officially hosted the first-ever BGMI tournament- The Launch Party.

Many streamers and esports players have reported about the community event in the past. On 6th July 2021, Krafton has officially revealed the event. As per the schedule, the event will be starting from 8th to 9th July. Eighteen teams consisting of Streamers and esports players are invited to the tournament. And these 18 teams are competing against each other for a prize pool of 6,00,000 INR.

These 18 teams are competing against each other across six matches in Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar for winning. Besides the regular matches, two Pan fight fun matches are also played in which only team leaders can play.

The Launch Party- Day 1 standings

On the first day of The Launch Party, Team Snax has shown a dominant performance by winning all three matches with decent finishes. They have secured a total of 76 points on Day 1. Even the audience and casters are surprised by the aggression and domination of Team Snax at The Launch Party event.

The Launch Party- Day 2 standings

Today, in the first match on Erangel, Team Snax have secured their first chicken dinner of Day 2. But sadly, Team Jonathan has broken their winning streak and woned the second match. Team Maxtern managed to secure a chicken dinner in the final game, which uplifts them to the seventh position in the overall points table.

BGMI Launch party points table -

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BGMI Launch party winner

Team Snax is the BGMI launch party winner with 120 points on the overall standings. Also, Team Kronten and Team Ronak have managed to secure 2nd & 3rd positions, respectively, with decent placement and finish points.

Krafton has announced the esports roadmap in today's Launch party event, which will be unveiled on 15th July. Also, on 15th July,  Krafton will be explaining in more detail regarding BGMI esports ecosystem.

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