Omen to get insanely buffed in Valorant patch 3.08, here is how pros feel about it

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Omen to get insanely buffed in Valorant patch 3.08, leaked details inside: Are you an Omen main? Well, the upcoming Omen buffs in patch 3.08 are probably going to make you happy. With the launch of Astra, Omen had almost lost his place from the pro comps. Omen was one of the least picked agents in the VCT Masters Berlin with a pick percentage of meagre 2.9%. However, the upcoming buffs might change things. Let's look at what the upcoming buffs are first, and then we will see what pro players are analysts think about it.

In a recent Skyesports Championship 3 stream, the casters leaked these details.

Paranoia no longer flashes your teammates

One of the abilities of Omen is Paranoia, which near sights and deafens everyone (including teammates) caught in its range for 2.2 seconds. However, after the upcoming Valorant patch 3.08, Omen's paranoia will not near sight and deafen teammates.

'From The Shadows' near sights nearby enemies

Omen's ultimate ability allows him to teleport to any location on the map. While teleporting, Omen appears as a Shade and enemies can destroy it to cancel his ult. After the upcoming buffs, Omen will also make nearby enemies paranoid while ulting. The radius of the paranoia is still unknown though.

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How are these Omen buffs going to affect the pro play?

When we asked pro players and analysts about the upcoming buffs, they had mixed reactions though. Neha 'CaspeR' Sottany of Asteria believes that this is going to be a huge buff and Omen can actually replace Astra. However, Malav 'Rexdreams' Popat, a former analyst of Global Esports, has different opinions.

He says, 'while the changes seem interesting on paper, I don't think it will impact Omen's pick rate in the pro scene. In the current meta, Astra has a much superior kit which allows for a higher degree of team play given her synergy with KJ.'

He adds, 'Given how teams play with Astra, using her pull and smoke to get early control of the map and even using her as a hard anchor, you can't recreate that play style with Omen. However, it'll be interesting to see how the Omen ult works and the range in which it blinds enemies. It could work well on site executes if timed right.'

It would be interesting to see how Omen's new buffs in the upcoming Valorant patch 3.08 affect pro play? What are your opinions? Let us know in the comments below.

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