Brutality to go pro in Valorant very soon, confirms Ankit 'V3NOM' Panth

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  • NODWIN Gaming will host its first VALORANT invitational on the 4th of August.
  • LordNOD has invited Brutality, Fnatic, Riot, and others for the tournament.
  • Team Brutality is planning to go pro in Valorant soon.

NODWIN Gaming founder Akshat "LordNOD" Rathee recently hosted a talk-show with six notable personalities. The six-member panel had Sukamal Pegu, Nimish Raut, Luciano Rahal, Ankit Panth, Shagufta Iqbal, and Akshat himself. The panel mainly discussed the developments going around VALORANT in India and SEA. Out of the many announcements like the VALORANT invitational, and Indian servers for VALORANT, Akshat invited everyone to join the VALORANT invitational, which will begin on the 4th of August.

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When LordNOD asked V3NOM to get a team from Brutality, Ankit confirmed that they were already planning to go pro in VALORANT. Here is the transcript:

  • Sukamal: When is the VALORANT event coming from NODWIN?
  • Akshat: VALORANT tournament within a month. I promise you.
  • Sukamal: You will definitely get a team from the publishers' side. So Luciano, me, and the rest of the guys from the office will team up, and play with whoever you make us play.
  • Akshat: So Ankit, I want one team from Brutality. We can just make it a community cup. And Xyaa, why don't you also bring in a team of yours?
  • Xyaa: Ya definitely! We do play with our friends on a regular basis. So yeah, we will be definitely up for it.
  • Ankit V3NOM Panth: 100 percent! We are already planning a team to go pro in VALORANT as well. So, we are working on it, and let's do this community thing.

You can watch the video here:

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