PUBG Mobile: Flare Gun Location in Miramar | 100% Guaranteed | 4 Confirm Spawn Locations

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Flare Gun is one of the most loved guns in PUBG, even though it deals 0 damage to the opponents. Players always try to get their hands on the best loot by shooting the flare. If you are a regular player, you will know that it is quite difficult to find the flare gun. It randomly spawns on the map and is highly rare.

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Today we are going to tell you 4 Confirm Flare Gun Locations in Miramar Map where you will find it. These locations were recently a part of Sandstorm Mode of the game. But due to some bugs, you can still find a flare gun everytime!

Flare Gun Location #1 San Martin

Flare Gun Location

San Martin is one of the hotdrops in Miramar map. Players often land here to get sufficient loot and a few early kills. But now, you can surely find the flare gun on the highest building (with white board on terrace) in the area. This makes San Martin even a deadly zone!

Flare Gun Location #2 Chumacera

Flare Gun Location

Passive players land in here to increase their rank. But no more, this place can be the next hotdrop as we have discovered a guaranteed spot of flare gun in Chumacera. You just need to land on the designated spot and reach the rooftop of those buildings. It is for sure that you fill find your flare gun there.

Flare Gun Location #3 Graveyard

Flare Gun Location

If we go towards east direction from graveyard, you will find various factories and wherehouse at the back. This location is boring, but not anymore. A flare gun is spawned on the ground in between those buildings. It can be easily spotted as it is in the open area. Make sure to flare as soon as you land to get the loot.

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Flare Gun Location #4 La Cobreria

Flare Gun Location

At last but not the least, you can find flare gun in La Cobreria region of Miramar. This area is great for looting due to small compartments in the area. You can easily defend your flare drop along with your squad. Make sure to get fully equipped before shooting the flare gun.

Note: These flare gun locations might get changed/removed in future updates.

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