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Call of Duty is a great success in the gaming world. They added one more gem in their list of achievements with the release of Call of Duty: Mobile in March 2019. This mode features numerous characters, maps, weapons and a lot more from the Call of Duty franchise. Today we are going to discuss 7 Tips & Tricks from the game that will help you to enhance your kill count and have a reliable grasp over the controls. Let's disclose them:

Choose your Controls

There are currently two control options available in the game, both of which are Touch-screen based as the developers have not officially introduced controller setup yet. While the Simple Control scheme feels a bit too more intuitive, on the contrary, the Auto Fire wastes too much ammo like no one's business. Once you get used to aiming down and firing with the same button, which is what the advanced options offer, you will find your accuracy improved immensely. Basically what we are trying to say is, use Advanced Options- Its Better!

Avoid Grouping

Whenever you are coming out of your base, don't think that clustering together will give you an advantage over your opponent. Never do that. Maintain some gap between your allies, especially when you are venturing to cross narrow routes. Else, an opponent with experience in long shot kills can wipe out most of your players as it allows them to concentrate fire on the bunch of you, even a squad-wipe! Avoid running behind your friends in a single file.

Rotate Regularly between Locations

Never make obvious for a point to start grabbing a position at the same vantage point. Many players think that this is a good strategy as aiming down is an easy kill, but that also makes it accessible for the enemy to focus are the barrage as most of your team members are topside. This happens a lot in maps like Killhouse that provides you a huge hall for the fighting arena. You also don't have much cover up there.

More preferably, ensure that your other team members have got you covered and are on different vantage points with multiple angles to shoot over enemy players.

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Zig-Zag Movements

This is one of the most common techniques used by players, yet very effective. Whenever you move, don't just go on running straightway. Always try to randomize your movements by running in Zig-Zag pattern, taking cover from various obstacles. This terminates the risk of getting shot from a sniper. Moreover, this enables you to react faster and gives an edge over the enemy in close combat. Switching between crouch and prone position can also be beneficial, but the primary goal is to keep moving.

Equipping a Sidearm

The game provides you the ability to choose a secondary weapon for emergencies. It's always advisable to adorn a Pistol rather than going for a Rocket Launcher (SMRS) as it is a faster and more accurate weapon. Moreover, equip your pistol with the suppressor so that the enemies can't track your location on the minimap, thus you can stay undetected. Upgrading your pistol enables you to attach the extended magazine which can carry more bullets in a single spray.

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Switch Loadouts on Respawns

Like every Call of Duty multiplayer experience, your loadout can be changed during deaths. Some of the mobile maps may favor having a sniper in a particular spot, but it's not always easy to coordinate with the random teammates. Having multiple load-outs handy for each situation and switching them on a fly could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Use Bots for Practice

If you are having problems with the controls about learning a new weapon or want to get familiar with a specific map, you can choose to play a match completely filled with bots (AI controlled players) instead of the actual players. You won't get much experience from it but it will provide a low stressing environment for getting used to Call of Duty: Mobile.

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