PS5 specifications latest update 2020

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The PS5 Controller was recently portrayed on the Playstation website with all its specifications. The controller is named dualsense, the changes made from the Dualshock 4 PS 4 controller are mentioned below:

  • Haptic feedback: It allows you to feel those in game sensations of the acts you perform.
  • Adaptive triggers are added to R2 and L2 buttons of the PS 5 controller which allows you to feel the tension of the actions you do like using a bow and arrow.
  • Angle of the hand triggers is changed and the grip has also been updated.
  • Dualsense would be lighter than the Dualshock 4 PS4 controller. Also, Dualsense would also be having a better battery efficiancy.
  • The "Share" button has been exchanged by a"Create" button. Create button can be used as a share button and its prime importance as sony mentioned is that it is going to be very useful for the gameplay production. Other features regarding this button are still unknown and will be released before the PS5 launch.
  • A built-in microphone arrays have been installed which are however useful for short conversations.
  • For the first time , the controller is going to have two shades. Also, the light bar is repositioned.

Other PS5 Specifications we know

PS 5 specifications

The PS5 is set to launch in holidays 2020, which is more or like the period between October to December 2020. The price details are yet to be discovered. However, I think the price is going to be around $300-$500 (25000-40000 INR) range.

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So, all you gaming geeks get ready to lightweight your pockets, the gaming season is coming soon!