Call of Duty Mobile: 5 Tips to Run Faster

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Battle Royale games like COD are dependent upon your reflexes. If you are quick and sharp, you can easily take down your enemies. Moreover, it will prevent you from getting shot while deactivating a bomb for your team. Let’s help you to understand the mechanics behind speed and movement in the game. This guide will give you Five Tips to Run Faster in COD Mobile.

Lightweight Perk

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This will enable your character to sprint 10% faster than the normal speed. This might not be very significant but sometimes just a small buff can protect you from being killed. Also, equipping it in all classes might not be the best choice as you require Persistence or Flack Jacket as the red perk. I would suggest you create a different speed class for this purpose. Not only speed, but it also reduces the fall damage by 10%. Overall, this is not a bad choice.

Grabbing the Right Weapon

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Many players are not aware of the fact that the object you are carrying while running will affect your speed. In other words, each player has a primary weapon along with a knife (secondary weapon) while fighting. It’s always a better thing to grab the knife while you are running towards the target. However, you need to quick to pick your AR as soon as you are about to engage a combat.

New players might feel uncomfortable while performing this trick. But I ensure you that it will give you an upper edge over the opponents. It might take you a few matches to practice the same. Other items that help you to run faster are termed as tacticals, such as trip mines, trophy systems, and smokes.

No doubt, pistols and SMGs will do a better job as compared to the AR. I would personally recommend carrying the knife as it is the lightest among all the available options. Snipers and ARs will not get you anywhere, instead, they will slow you down.

Avoid Slide-Jump

This is quite a debatable tip, but it’s true! Players try to slide-jump much often than necessary. It will eventually slow you down rather than giving a speed boost. The time to recover from the slide is too much, whereas the jump doesn’t cover a large distance. Only perform the slide whenever you are in a combat as it will make it difficult for the enemies to target you.

Rare Weapon Perk

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Some of the weapons in game are categorised as Rare Weapons and can be easily identified by the blue colour. They have a special ability that can be unlocked once you max-out them accordingly. The ability makes you 1.2x faster, but only for 3-4 seconds. You can use this ability at the time of your spawning or respawning.

Perfect Loadout

The mentioned steps might not create a huge difference, but using all of them in a single go will definitely prove to be effective. The perfect loadout will include, a gun of your choice from the blue category, a knife, or a trip mine, along with the light-weight perk.

 If you are still reading the post till the end, here’s an Easter egg for you, whenever you start a match, keep on clicking the button and keep another finger ready to rush forwards. This will provide you the maximum amount of speed each time you spawn on the map.

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