PUBG Mobile: Season 14 Tier Reward Leaks

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PUBG Mobile always brings a new theme each season. As we are already in the middle of Season 13 in the game, the internet got flooded with the new season updates. Yes, the fans are eagerly waiting for the next update and are super excited to see their favourite game in a new look. Season 14 is named as “Spark The Flame” and we will unleash some of the rewards available in the next season.

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Release Date

As we are already aware of the duration of each season, ie 8 weeks. The ongoing season has already completed the half period and might end by the second week of July. According to the sources, the current season will end on 12th July, 2020. If we compensate 1 day for the update, we can most probably see Season 14 on 14th July, 2020.

Gold and Platinum Tier Rewards

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As we begin the Season 14 of PUBG Mobile, we will get a themed bundle for the first reward in Gold Tier. As players will progress towards the next stage, a themed mask awaits for them in Platinum Tier. This mask will be completed by the matching outfit that can be collected during the season itself. But remember, once you miss out on the chance, you will not get them anywhere in the game. These are exclusive for Season 14 only!

Diamond Tier Reward

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Players seem to enjoy M24 a lot. Keeping the theme mind, designers are all set to launch a new M24 skin. This skin will be sparkling grey with some fine details on the end. This gun is considered to be a legendary sniper and is only outshined by AWM. Make sure to get this limited skin for your gun.

Ace Tier Reward

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The Ace reward is one of the most anticipated ones in the game. Just like any other season, this time also we will get a Spark the Flame themed parachute. This will spread your dominance on the map while you are landing down. It will also feature the tag of Season 14 right in the middle.

Comment down and let us know about your excitement for the Season 14. Also tell us are you going to buy the RP or not?

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