Captains, Team Lion's, and D3LTAesports get banned from PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge Season 2

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Three more teams have got banned from the PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge Season 2 today, 16 December 2020, due to unfair practices. The banned teams are Captains, Team Lion's, and D3LTAesports.

It has almost been 3 years since PUBG Mobile launched its esports ecosystem, and they are trying to introduce more events and leagues. However, there is a huge problem of hacking which is being faced by organizers to host a fair and successful tournament.  

It has happened with almost every tournament where numerous hackers have spoiled the game of professional players. Players practice hard to perform in the official events of PUBG Mobile but due to hackers, they can't make it to the finals. If we talk about Pakistan, we have seen many teams using unfair means in the group stage and semifinals of PUBG Mobile Club Open Pakistan Fall Split 2020. Due to hackers, PMCO Pakistan Fall Split 2020 had been postponed multiple times and a large number of the teams had got banned for lifetime.

PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge Season 2 is going on currently and the quarterfinals of the tournament got concluded recently. The matter of concern is that many teams have been reported for hacking or cheating in the games by their fellow teams. Nodwin Gaming, the event organizer of the event, has also banned 3 teams from the tournament and released a statement on this and said, 

"3 More Teams have been disqualified from the tournament. They will be replaced with the next best teams from their group in leaderboards. The main accused will be handed over a ban for 10 years. These are the teams who got banned from the tournament - Captains, Team Lion's, D3LTAesports. Awaiting more updates on the reports from Tencent Teams and will post as early as we receive information."

three more teams get banned from pubg mobile pakistan challenge season 2.

Professional players and Esports Organizations from Pakistan are also raising questions to the officials and Event Organizers to provide a fair competition in the tournaments.

Portal Esports, the winner of the first season of PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge, posted on their Instagram, "Portal Esports has been working very hard to help and grow the gaming community in Pakistan. After the events of PMPC last night of quarterfinals of Pakistan's Biggest ever Tournament- it is no longer seems fun not fair.  This is the time for Event Organizers and management to address the issue immediately and reschedule the matches so the outcomes are true and honest."

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