Valorant to add Chenoa and Wahu to the roster in Act 3? Fans cannot be happier.

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Riot has already confirmed a new agent will be launched alongside Act 3 and fans have started speculating about the new addition as well. A Reddit user, DewyOtter, gave out the design of agent Quantum and it was really well received by the fans.

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With Act 3 just a few weeks away from release, another Redditor, bayleaf97, came out with Chenoa and her owl Wahu, which grabbed a lot of attention.

Chenoa and Wahu

Native American, Chenoa, as told by her creator, is an Initiator who, with her loyal companion Wahu, brings her tribal skills to the battleground. The combined abilities of Chenoa and Wahu are:

Chenoa and Wahu
  • SCREECH -Deafen every enemy for a short duration within hearing distance.
  • GHOST TRACKS -Reveal the most recent footprints that the enemy has left within the last 10 seconds.
  • THIRD EYE -Place Wahu on your shoulder for a short duration to have him watch your back.
  • SOARING OWL(Ultimate Ability) -Send Wahu to a deceased ally anywhere on the map to turn them into a spirit who can roam the battleground. Wahu can be shot in the air by the enemy team if spotted.

Though it is quite sure that by now, VALORANT devs have already fixed which agent to roll out, but the fans would love to see a tribal Initiator, like Chenoa, getting in the mix in the future. The concept is very well received by the fans and seems a perfect fit for the current roster. We cannot wait to find out who will be the latest addition to the Agent list.