Valorant agent Quantum to be added in Act 3? What are his abilities?

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  • Quantum, VALORANT fan's design has attracted many people.
  • The creator has also proposed Valorant agent Quantum's abilities.
  • Is Quantum going to be a part of Act 3?

The Devs at Riot Games released Patch Notes 1.06 just a few days back while they rolled out the last agent, Killjoy around the beginning of August.

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So while the fans are still getting to know Killjoy and her abilities better, it is confirmed that the Devs will be introducing a new Agent in Ignition Act 3, which will be released in October.

The agent may already have been decided by the devs, but this did not stop the fans from speculating and pitching some real good ideas. A Reditter, DewyOtter, has pitched his idea about the new agent and the community is loving it.

Is Quantum Valorant's next agent?

DewyOtter's creation, Quantum, is a mysterious agent, and with his abilities, he can bend space and time and use the map in his favor. While many think the agent is an Initiator, but the creator confirmed Quantum is a Controller.

Abilities of the Valorant agent Quantum

abilities of the valorant agent quantum
  • Paradox- Summon a destructible clone that can be placed in a stationary position or set to move on a path, stopping once a wall is collided with.
  • Rift- Open up a breach in space that Quantum can, at any time, travel back to by reactivating the ability while in use. The rift lasts 20 seconds and can be destroyed.
  • Dimensional Tear (Signature Ability)- Open up a map and mark three beacons with [Mouse1] and deploy with [Mouse2]. Screens deploy between each beacon, blocking vision. The maximum distance between beacons is 15m.
  • Tunneling (Ultimate Ability)- Open up a passage between open spaces on a surface, allowing all agents, bullets, and abilities to pass through. Passage lasts 30 seconds.

Although Riot devs did not say anything about this, the fans surely love the agent and the abilities and it will be well accepted by the fans if the devs decide to roll it out in Ignition Act 3.

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