China removes Cytus II over secret morse code tune in support of Hong Kong, composer 'ICE' resigns

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  • ICE, music director at Rayark Games, had posted a piece of music on Sound Cloud.
  • Hong Kong based Rayark Games has developed Cytus II.
  • Ice had posted the music on his personal account.

Cytus II, a musical rhythm game, has been removed from app stores across mainland China over a secret morse code message. The game has been removed citing 'rectification work'.

Cytus 2 is not available in china
Cytus 2 is not available in mainland China

Wilson 'ICE' Lam had posted a music clip on his personal Sound Cloud account which was titled as Telegraph 1344 7609 2575. The controversial clip was uploaded back in March. Some netizens have found out the hidden musical morse code recently and the clip has been removed. The secret morse code translates to "Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times" in Chinese.

The Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) government had said on July 2 that the phrase "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times" implies separatism or subversive message. And if you don't know, the newly-enacted national security law for Hong Kong prohibits any act that endangers national security. Netizens had been demanding that he should be sacked after the pro-democracy phrase had been discovered.

Mr. Lam has himself resigned from the post of music director at Taiwan based Rayark Games via a post on his Facebook account. ICE said in his post that he had posted the clip for his own recreation and it had nothing to do with Rayark Games. He has said in his latest post, "A musical piece that I released in March 2020 has created heated debate. As this was a personal activity, which was related to neither Rayark Games nor the job duties of my position in Rayark Games, I have raised my resignation from Rayark Games immediately."

While Rayark Games has not said anything on this, but Dragonest Games, the agent for the game in mainland China has issued a statement citing, "after investigation, the song in question is a personal creation, is not in the game, and neither Dragonest nor Rayark were informed of the incident, and the song doesn't represent the position of Dragonest and Rayark."

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