COD Mobile to get fan-favorite Shipment map in season 2

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  • COD Mobile is getting fast paced Shipment Map.
  • Shipment was first introduced in 2007 in COD.
  • COD Mobile season 2 begins on 10 March 2021.

Call of Duty Mobile is getting the Shipment map in the upcoming season 2, devs confirmed today. Season 1 of COD Mobile ends on 10 March, and a lot of new content like guns and map are coming in season 2. Out of the plethora of new things, one is Call Of Duty's one of the most popular maps, Shipment.

Shipment is a comparatively smaller and fast paced map

Shipment was first introduced in Modern Warfare in 2007 and was later revamped in 2019. Shipment is one of the most popular maps among the Call of Duty fans because it features pure and intense gun game.

Shipment is one of the smallest maps in COD, combine it with flat topology, and you have a map that is very easy to play. Due to the flat and small nature of Shipment, it becomes very fast paced, you spawn and die very quickly.

Shipment map is for smaller game modes

Due to the fact that Shipment is a small map, it is natural that it is only available for smaller game modes. However, we will have to wait to see if you can play 5v5 on it, that would be chaotic though.

COD Mobile season 2 begins on 10 March 2021

The new season 2 of COD Mobile is set to begin on 10 March. We expect the new map Shipment to be added on the very first day. Other that Shipment map, we are also getting the Shoot House map, and new battle royale mode Tank Battle, among other things.

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