[Codes Revealed] How to get the Valorant Pride Player Cards?

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Valorant is celebrating Pride Month with special LGBTQI+ community’s rainbow themed player cards. There are seven different cards representing each section in the community. You can get one, or all of them starting today using these codes.

Valorant reveals Pride Player Cards redeem codes

Valorant has just revealed redeem codes for all 7 of the Pride Player Cards. The table below shows redeem codes corresponding to each card.

ColorsRedeem Code
Transgender peopleBlue, pink, whiteCottoncandy
Pansexual peoplePink, yellow, bluePrimary
Non-Binary peopleYellow, white, purple, blackGalactic
Bisexual peoplePink, purple, blueSunset
Asexual peoplePurple, white, grey, blackTwilight
Gay womenRed, orange, white, pink, purpleSherbet
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How to redeem Valorant Pride Month player cards?

Steps to claim the cards are:

  1. Log in to redeem.playvalorant.com
  2. Enter one of the code
  3. That's it! You'll get the cards in your inventory

You can claim the cards starting today, 3 June 2021.

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Talking about the Pride Month, Riot Games had said, "Celebrating player identities is crucial to building a diverse and inclusive game experience, and we strive to approach representation with care, respect, and authenticity whether it’s in-game or represented in our lore. We’ve been working over the past few years to ensure every player can see themselves in our characters and games. There’s a lot more we want to do to create meaningful representation of LGBTQIA+ folks in our games, and we’re just getting started. Our commitment is to better equip our developers with education and best practices so every player can see themselves in our characters and games."

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