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Valve recently released a free version of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Valve's new objective is to attract new players to the game with offline gameplay and GOTV, which streams live matches and of course The Majors. This help players to get a taste of Counter-Strike.
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Launching free version of CSGO you can experience new panorama UI.
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There is no character model on the home screen.
You can't access inventory in the free version.
You can't play multiplayer matches or play on community servers.
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We can still play all official and workshop maps on the free version.
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For accessing CSGO-SDK you need to purchase the full version of the game.
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Unfortunately, you can't play LAN matches with the free version of CSGO.
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The new free version is definitely good for new gamers so they can make a decision on purchasing this game. We can still watch a lot of live matches and of course The Major.
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The following list will make you feel free version is better than paid.

  • 13-year-old mic spammer.
  • Rush B Cyka Blyat.
  • Spin bots.
  • Gambling and paying for pixels.
  • Scammers
  • Getting kicked out for no reason.
  • Frustration at it's finest.

Welcome to counter strike global offensive !

This is the game you suck at and still come back to it no matter what happens


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