CS GO Open tournament 2019 - Zowie Extremeland Asia

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Its a great opportunity for Indian CS GO players to show their talent and passion for the game. It is time to participate and represent India and make the country and us (the gamers) proud. The prize pool for the tournament will be $100,000 dollar confirmed by the organizers.

As per the Zowie Extremesland, it's their 4th consecutive year to organize such tournament on such a large stage and all the credits goes to participants, followers, viewers, and supporters.


There are more than 30 expected countries from Asia to be participating in the upcoming CS GO Open 2019 as per the Zowie Extemeland.

List of Division presented by the organizers:

  1. China
  2. Mongolia
  3. Middle East
  4. India
  5. Indonesia
  6. Thailand
  7. Malaysia
  8. ANZ
  9. Singapore
  10. Philippines
  11. Vietnam
  12. Taiwan
  13. Japan
  14. Korea
  15. Turkey

To register according to your division, visit: http://www.extremesland.com/el2018-en.html

To know more about registering dates:

Official Website: http://www.extremesland.com

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/extremesland/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/eXTREMESLAND


As per the organizers, 16 teams will qualify for the finals this year. They have introduced a region system and slots allotted to specific regions and countries after the qualifier round. Multiple slots will be given to every region and after the qualifiers, the top 16 teams will go to Shanghai to the finals of ZOWIE eXTREMELAND CS GO ASIA 2019.

The Preliminary Stage will start from August to October in many regions in Asia. The Asia Final will take place in Shanghai, China from 14th to 17th of November. By then, we will have the best 16 teams around Asia to fight for a prize pool of $100,000 dollar, and the crown of “Best Asian CS:GO team”.


Central Asia Region

      Chinese Regional Qualifier – 2 Slots

      TW/HK/MO Regional Qualifier – 1 Slot

East Asia Region

      Mongolian Qualifier – 1 Slot

      Japanese Qualifier – 1 Slot

      Korean Qualifier – 1 Slot

Southeast Asia Region

      South East Asia Regional Qualifier – 3 Slots

(Including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos)

      Thai Qualifier – 1 Slot

      Vietnamese Qualifier – 1 Slot

Oceania Region

      Oceania Regional Qualifier – 2 Slots

(Including Australia, and New Zealand)

South Asia Region

      South Asia Regional Qualifier – 1 Slot

(Including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives)

Middle East Region

      Middle East Regional Qualifier – 2 Slots

(Including UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Turkey)

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