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Dell pulled the wraps offa 'UFO' a new gaming console prototype at CES 2020. The new Alienware Concept UFO runs on the Windows 10 OS. Its design very is similar to that of the Nintendo Switch. But the console promises to offer more at least as a concept.

UFO adorns an eight-inch display with 1900 x 1200 pixels resolution at 16:10 aspect ratio. All the hardware is inside the console with a fan at the back of it.

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You can also connect a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth to play games. Or even switch to the regular Windows 10 mode to run games from Steam. The console may come with a custom UI to launch games effortlessly.

The console sports two detachable controllers that can work in multiple ways or modes. In the basic model, the controller's docked to the display. When you detach the controllers, you can either connect it to a central hub and continue playing on its built-in kickstand. It isn’t clear if the controllers work when detached like the Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch.

Dell hasn’t revealed much about the internal specs of UFO but said that it will be powered by 10th Generation Intel Core processors. Maybe Intel 10th Gen ‘Ice Lake’ Core processors with Iris Plus integrated graphics is on the cards. The console might not come with a dedicated graphics card due to space constraints, so it could be using integrated graphics. But this is just a rumor.

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The pricing or availability of the console still remains unknown. No one even knows if it will be commercially produced. Even If it is, the console may not even look like the concept unveiled at CES 2020.

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