PS4 Reaches 106 Million Units And Reveals Other Milestone Numbers

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Sony shared an update on PS4 sales and other key metrics related to the console As part of the company’s  briefing from Las Vegas at the CES 2020

The console has done extremely well, and the company shared some numbers to show just how big their system has been.

Jim Ryan PlayStation president announced that PS4 has now sold more than 106 million units worldwide, more than 1.15 billion PS4 games have been sold at retail and digitally since the console launched in 2013 added Ryan

Ryan also gave an update on PlayStation Plus’ performance; he said that the subscription service has 38.8 million paying members. further, he said PlayStation Network has more than 103 million monthly active users.

Finally, he spoke very briefly about PlayStation VR. He said PlayStation VR has now reached 5 million units since it debuted in October 2016.

only lagging the PlayStation 2 which sold an astonishing 150 million units during its lifetime. making PS4 the second best-selling home console in history

2019 marked the PS4's seventh anniversary  on the market. 2020 is going to  be a big year for the PlayStation brand, as Sony will release its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, this year. Also at CES 2020, Sony unveiled the PS5's logo and confirmed some of its key features.

PS 5 logo

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