New Dota 2 team 4AM might be one of the strongest Chinese rosters.

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4AM has struck, and it is massive news for the Chinese as well as the global Dota 2 community as former members of PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming and SparkingArrowGaming have been combined into a new roster that promises to deliver us some good Dota.

Team roster

4AM Dota 2 Roster Photo

The news came from a twitter post by Dota2RuHub.

The 4AM Dota 2 team is to be composed of :

  1. Eurus
  2. Somnus丶M
  3. Yang
  4. fy
  5. RedPanda

coach: rOtk

The team is filled with incredible players with a very good history and records. The Chinese scene might completely flip by this star-studded team and also impact future DPC tournaments.

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