Immortal Treasure 3 released, Valve extends Battle pass

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Immortal Treasure 3 taken from dota 2 blog

Valve has finally released the long-awaited Immortal Treasure 3, although the community is not very pleased with it. Valve also has decided to extend the Battle pass to 3 more weeks till October 9, 2020. Source

Immortal Treasure 3

Immortal Treasure 3

After countless memes and waiting, the community is not very pleased with the items included inside the Immortal Treasure 3. It contains items for Pugna, Clockwerk, Oracle, Treant, Gyrocopter, and Lich. Additionally, they have also included increasing odds of obtaining a rare reward of 50 Battle pass levels, an ultra-rare Phoenix wings, and a very rare Pugna golden version of the item alongside a cosmically rare Emblem of Divinity.

The items are mostly hats, which look very obnoxious on the heroes, especially Pugna's hat which makes him look like the Green Queen. (Reference to Alice in Wonderland)

The other items are fair with almost little to no effects, however, the Phoenix ultra-rare has quite some effects added to his Icarus dive and fire spirits.

Battle pass extension and Arcana

battle pass 2020

The Battle pass has been extended for three more weeks where the results of the arcana vote will be announced. (Hint: It's our very own mumble rapping lean dripping carry)

During this period of time, owners can buy 60 levels pair of bundles at a 30% discount.

The community is not very pleased with Gaben, and people are already predicting numbers to player numbers to fall down once the Battle pass is over. Let us hope that they will implement a new learning system for new players who can actually enjoy the game without getting matched up with a smurf every 2 games.

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