Entire Fortnite Engulfed by a Black Hole as the Season ends

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As predicted earlier, Fortnite season 10 has come to an abrupt end after almost every bit of it was swallowed by a black hole. The next season is set to boot up in a very short while. Fortnite's YouTube channel reportedly Livestreamed a video in which an explosion destroys the entire map of the game and how players are engulfed into a black hole.


This event titled "The End" witnessed a whopping 5.5 million views on both YouTube and Amazon run Twitch video-game platform.

Servers of Epic games have unsurprisingly gone down and almost every old tweet by Epic on Fortnite's official account has been deleted except for the link which takes you to the black hole apocalypse Livestream.

Also, several leakers are coming out with a hell lot of information regarding Fortnite's next season and have claimed that the new season will come with new skins, a new map and some new boats amongst many other features.

Though quite off-topic, in a bizarre news report, Business Tycon Elon Musk was said to have bought Fortnite only to delete whatever it had. Elon Musk on the funnier note retweeted the link and teased Fortnite gamers by commenting "Had to be done ur welcome." Well everyone knows how much he hates Fortnite.