Everything About Power Armor PUBG Mobile | 3 New Equipments in Game

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This article will contain all the primary information about the Power Armor PUBG Mobile that is recently introduced in the game. Further, we will be discussing some of the other information related to it as well.

PUBG Mobile has always introduced several game modes for the players. These modes change the traditional way of playing. You get some additional privileges along with the basic gameplay. Thus, this time we have the new Power Armor PUBG Mode going on. Players are quite not sure about it and hence we have covered all the details about it.

What is Power Armor Mode?

everything about power mode pubg

Power Armor is the new mode addition in PUBG Mobile. Several players are now excited about trying out new features in this mode. The primary aim of this mode was to increase the usage of the Livik map. Therefore, it is exclusively available on the Livik map and other maps are working normally. Players can get extremely powerful weapons and armor in the game. Hence, you can be strong and get some easy kills.

This mode is a part of the EvoGround section in the game. Players have to download an additional file to play it. Futrher, there are 3 types of power equipments that has their own benefits

#1 Power Arm

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As the name suggests, the Power Arm equipment will make your character strong. You can now deal more damage with melee weapons or even fists. Also, it reduces the amount of damage you take during a fight. Overall, it has both defensive and attacking capabilities.

#2 Power Vest

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The next piece of equipment in Power Armor PUBG mode is the Power Vest. This will increase the carrying capacity of the players. Hence, you can carry more supplies without worrying about your backpack space. Also, it will protect you from getting damaged by the bullets.

#3 Power Legs

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In the end, Power Legs help you to give legs of Hulk. Yes, you saw that right. The players can now jump in the air and fall down without taking any damage. Moreover, you can sprint in the air for some distance using the boost present in the equipment.

How to Get Power Armor?

The players need to collect special items present on the map to get the armor. You require 1 blueprint and 1200 crystals for any single Power Equipment. Once you have the desired items, go to the special place market on the map. Redeem your prize and dominate the match in Power Armor PUBG mode.

We hope that this guide gave you an outlook on the new Power Armor PUBG Mode. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.