FIFA 20: Gamer Gets Ronaldo And Messi In One Ultimate Team Pack

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The likelihood of getting either of the players is 0.00055% if he ain't the luckiest man then who is

Gamers who play FIFA Ultimate Team every year, dream of getting either Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. The likelihood of getting either of the players is very slim as both the players are worth around 1 million coins in FIFA 20's Ultimate Team marketplace. However, there is one lucky player who somehow got both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in one two-player pack. The gamer known as Joao Manuel shared a video on his Twitter account where he can be seen opening the pack, Manuel first gets Cristiano Ronaldo and then gets Lionel Messi.

Within few hours of posting the video, Manuel’s post went viral and fellow FIFA players were left a little jealous. Some congratulated Manuel and many were left in shock. Few also asked Manuel about the game and how he got the two football greats in one pack.
According to the lucky gamer Manuel, Messi and Ronaldo appeared in the special Champions League editions too, which made his day even batter. However, his lucky run continued when he got Cristiano Ronaldo again in another pack. While talking to fans online, Manuel said that he left his room before opening his Ultimate Team pack and prayed to god when the pack was opening. He said that the god listened to him and he got Messi and Ronaldo in the same pack.

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