Duos Mode Goes Live On Apex Legends along with other tweaks

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Respawn had introduced the all-new Duos mode recently, as the Fight or Fright event has come to an end on November 5.

This is your last chance to play the Shadowfall Mode, as the mode won't be available once the Duos mode is live.

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Just like the Shadow Mode, the Respawn Mode will be available for a limited time period of time however, no one knows when this mode will be taken down. Respawn Mode quite resembles the most popular Solos mode that was introduced way back in August.

Apex Legends has been surprisingly deviating away from its principle by offering a first-person mode on the Respawn Mode. But when you look at the amount of success which the Solos Mode and the preceding Shadowfall game Mode you'll be pretty sure that the developers of the game are willing to experiment and try out different experiences at least for some time.

Apart from Duos mode, the new Apex Legends update has changed the game to a greater extent by introducing some tweaks like even a firing range.

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