Formula 1 2k19 Walk-through

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Talking about the world of racing the one game that always rings a bell is Formula 1. Formula one games can be tracked back to 1996. Ever since the developers of the game have focused on giving the fans a proper experience Formula 1. So, Formula 1 2k19 is the most amazing racing game when it comes to the complex calculations needed for racing.

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The home screen for 2k19

For all the Formula 1 nerds this is gonna be the best game-play experience. All we need to do is connect the simulation wheel set up the game and get going with the strategy. For those who are new to the game I suggest you have a glance of the actual race and then jump into the game. The game replicates the exact features of Formula 1 in real life. The game is available on steam and can also be purchased online. Stepping into the game we first have to start our career by getting into a Formula 2 racing academy from where we get an experience of the game and by the end of the season based on our performance we will be able to get different contracts from different teams. As we face different racing scenarios in racing, we will be having to answer certain questions asked by the “press” and the type of answers and the aggression shown while answering affects the performance of your character in the game-play. Once the F2 story mode is done we get to choose the contract for F1 based on the driver’s academy that we chose. We have Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, Alpha Romeo Racing, Haas F1 Team, Toro Rosso, McLaren, Renault, Williams and Racing Point.

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Stepping into F2 2k18

We then get to the point of getting settled with the team and, we can push in some upgrades with the help of the points that are given. My opinion is to save it for the future till we get a hang our car. Starting a race is pretty simple. The season starts off as per the official calendar. We will generally have 3 practice sessions that will take place for a good 30 minutes per sessions. And then 3 Qualifying sessions where in every session 5 racers will be filtered out of 20 racers based on the lap timings. The car setup can be managed from a full auto mode to a full manual setup. The gaming experience will be better is its full manual as we will be able to shift the gears manually( recommended for simulation wheels ), and there will also be other options like ERS, DRS and so on. Then the final race

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The Interview Questions

will start based on the results from qualifications. A 100% race will take a good 3 hours to complete and can be reduced between a 5-lap race to 75%. The number of laps varies based on the track( country in which you are racing ). After the race the points are awarded to the top ten racers and team points will also be allotted. At the end of the season the racer with the highest points will pick up the Drivers’ Championship and the team with the highest points picks up the Constructors Championship. The game
requires a lot of strategy, planning and teamwork and trust me when I say that it’s the best racing game.