Fortnite players may soon get a new map

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Fortnite players have been dropping on the same map from ages together. Ok, let's not offend Fortnite fans and players as developers of Epic Game would often update the map to keep it fresh. But as a matter of fact, this is the same old map.

Now Fortnite plans to gift its patient players with a brand new map. However, there is no clarity if a new map will be replacing the older one or pre-exist with the older map like PUBG.

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Data miners have uncovered a pack of new locations which simply indicates that a new map is incoming. Also, recently there were indications of damage in the existing Fortnite map. Maybe it was destroyed. The new patch found by data miners was called ‘The End’ which brings yet another strong reason to believe that a new map will soon make its way into the game.


Interestingly in one of the files found by data miners, there is a loading screen that shows Fortnite characters waving goodbye to the old school battle bus.

As of now, the older map is in chaos after a new Visitor inside a meteor has crashed into the map. This has led to the formation of inconsistent time rifts that have been opening up at random places on the map causing disturbances and bearing new items. Nevertheless, these differences have proved to be map threatening but at the same time, you are gonna get a new map so these changes are worth it.

The current season of the game that revolves Batman theme will come to end on October 6 after which there are chances of the new map to be introduced in the game on the onset of a new season.

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