Free Fire: which character is better for ranked in March 2021, Moco Vs Hayato?

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Both these characters in Free Fire are very useful and while Hayato is a character which has mixed opinions we can look at their abilities.

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Moco VS Hayato

Hayato’s ability

Hayato’s ability is very popular in the Free Fire world. His ability is called the Bushido, which increses the players armor penetration by 7.5% with every 10% decrese at max HP. Upon upgrading the skill you can get an armor penetration bonus of 10% and a decrease in HP by 10%. This ability is best for the players who have an aggressive playing style. The ability is only usable by the individual player operating him.

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Hayato's Ability

Moco’s Ability

Moco is a hacker who has the ability called the hacker’s Eye. This ability allows the player to see the enemy after you land one shot on them. The enemy will be visible with a tracker for two seconds. The best thing about this ability is that your whole team can benefit from her ability. Upon upgrading, Moco can tag her enemies for as long as five seconds.

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Moco's Ability

Who is best suited for the Ranked Mode in Free Fire?

Hayato and Moco are very popular characters in the game, however one of them o=comes out on top. In this case it is Moco as her ability can be utilized by the entire team which is a very big advantage. Using this ability the enemies cannot evade your team easily which is a big plus point for you.

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Moco Wins

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