Free Fire's Best Character, Miguel

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Miguel is Free Fire's best character and is one of the oldest in the game. You can unlock him by using 499 diamonds, 8000 coins. His skill, Crazy slayer is what makes him a favorite among the players. This skill helps him to get 30 to 80 EP from a single kill. This shows the result that the more he kills the stronger he gets. This character is a favorite especially for the fast paced aggressive players.

Free Fire's best character

Where can Miguel be used ?

Miguel's special ability makes him ideal for intense Clash Squad games, where you do not have the consumables to regain your health. His character makes him very powerful at close range fights, pair him up with a powerful assault rifle and you are unstoppable. As you kill enemies you will not need to waste time to heal and can carry on to get more and more kills. Miguel is a perfect choice for solo and squad mode. His ability will help you save time to get off with the healings and continue your game.

Best Combination of Skills

Miguel's skill can be best combined with that of Kelly's, DJ Alok's, and Caroline's. Kelly's Dash will make Miguel move faster and dodge the attacks and face the enemies from any directions. Caroline's ability allows him to move faster while carrying a shotgun. This will help you to run fast to get in close contact with the enemies and use the shotgun to kill them. DJ Alok's skill is useful during the squad rush.

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