4 Runic Power Tips and Tricks- Flame Rune

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Players have been looking for some of the useful Runic Power tips and tricks for using their FlameRune. We have covered some of the pro tricks that will help you get the chicken dinner.

Flame Rune is one of the three Runic Powers that were introduced in PUBG Mobile last month. There is no doubt in the fact that they become people's favorite in no time. The mechanics of the game were completely changed and players came up with new techniques to use these powers. Therefore, we have compiled some of the best Runic Power Tips and Tricks for the Flame Rune.

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#1 Use to Kill Enemies Faster

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it is very common to see players sniping their enemies but unfortunately, they escape with 1 HP. This is the most frustrating part as you don't even get the kill and they can heal to fire back at you. But using the Scorching Ammo option, they will slowly get killed due to the burning effect of the bullets.

#2 Hide Inside the Tree

This is a kind of glitch that is present in the Runic Power Mode of the game. If you try to activate the Magma Wheel in front of the tree and stand in between, sometimes it pushes you inside the tree. This glitch is useful when you are pushing and can get some free kills.

#3 Take Cover Behind Magma Wheel

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Apart from being an attacking option, Magma Wheel is quite tanky. This means that you can easily stand behind it and shoot at the enemies. Moreover, it moves forward so becomes the perfect choice for pushing enemies.

#4 Glitch in Wall

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This is similar to the #2 point where players can glitch inside the tree. Also, you can try this technique with a wall of a compound house to get inside it. The enemies won't be able to target you however you can freely shoot at them.

We hope that these Runic Power Tips and tricks will give you an advantage in a match. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more interesting facts about PUBG Mobile and other games.

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