Galorants: Gen.G and Galorants join hands for upcoming women’s Valorant tournaments

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Galorants: Gen.G and Galorants join hands for upcoming women’s Valorant tournaments: Gen.G and Galorants have partnered together to announce a series of tournaments to help the women's competitive scene.

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The series of tournaments that will be run and managed by Gen.G Esports will start from 30th July 2021. The Galorants discord server is now currently at 13,000 members. This allows Gen.G Esports to help thousand of females who want to contribute their fair share to the competitive scene.

Gen.G Esports and Galorants have collaborated in the past too. They hosted the Proving Grounds tournament which was also a women-only Valorant tournament. Big organisations like Gen.G Esports getting involved with the women's competitive scene is one of the most important things when it comes to fostering women's talent.

Gen.G Esports and Galorants aim to develop the women's competitive scene by giving them ample amount of chances to prove themselves that they can compete at the highest level of the Valorant Esports scene.

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Events and tournaments which are backed up by big organisations like Gen.G Esports help in increasing the involvement of women in Esports whilst showcasing their true talent. I'm sure this move by Gen.G Esports might even encourage other Esports organisations to take part in such events to help create opportunities in the women competitive scene.

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