GFP Vs. PUBG MOBILE: Why is GFP one step ahead of the Global version?

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GFP Vs. PUBG MOBILE: Why is GFP one step ahead of the Global version: Recently, Krafton has launched its exclusive battle-royale game, especially for the Indian audience- Battlegrounds Mobile India. Although BGMI does not have significant changes from PUBG Mobile Global version, the game runs in India & Singapore servers, and all user data are stored in these servers only.

Game For Peace, the Chinese version of PUBG MOBILE, fully developed and launched by Tencent, always remains a step ahead of PUBG MOBILE & BGMI in terms of delivering updates and features. The updates and features in BGMI & PUBG Global are copied from Game For Peace.

Game For Peace boasts a bunch of advanced features that are yet to come in the Global version and BGMI. The objective of these versions remains similar, but the features and game styles differ a lot.

In this article, we have discussed significant differences between modes and features of PUBG MOBILE ( a.k.a BGMI in India ) & Game For Peace-

Game Modes

Both games have similar game modes like Classic (Ranked), TDMs, Domination & Arcade.

  • Global & BGMI: Global and BGMI are one step ahead when it comes to modes like Rage gear and time-limited survival and Infection modes. None of these modes are introduced to Game For Peace.
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  • GFP – On the other hand, GFP has its exclusive mode called Special forces mode, where the player can choose one class out of 5 (Medic/ Assault/ Engineering/ Mobility/ Supply). Also, GFP features Extreme Winter Mode & Hardcore Mode, which was once introduced to the Global version. Players can play these modes to uplift their rank in Leaderboards.

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Anti-Cheat System

  • Global & BGMI: When the Global version was released, the cheating problem was under control. And the player can play in a cheat-free environment. However, for the past 7-8 seasons, the leaderboard has been flocked with hackers. Sadly, developers are ineffective in banning those hackers due to many hackers and lack of stringent rules and punishments.
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  • GFP: The number of hackers in GFP is almost zero. This is because there are strict rules and regulations regarding hacking. And if anyone is found guilty, they can go to JAIL. Also, Tencent is working hard with developers to prevent hackers from matchmaking in Game For Peace lobbies.


  • Global & BGMI: The updates in Global and BGMI are pretty the same, with some minor changes. And most of the events share the same objective, based on different themes.
GFP 4 on
GFP 3 on
  • GFP: When it comes to updates, GFP is one step ahead of the Global version. You can find their maps customized according to their festivals and occasions. Also, they feature a lot of permanent outfits and skins for free at specific festivals.


Both versions share a common game objective. But the game mechanism and meta differ a lot. GFP guns have more recoil than Global ones ( especially M416). Also, you can find crouch, peek, prone features a lot smoother in GFP. In GFP, Many new futuristic vehicles are introduced in classic Non-event mode.

GFP 7 on

In the Global version, players take damage when they are outside of the Blue zone. Whereas in GFP, a countdown starts whenever a player steps out of the zone without damaging health. When this countdown stops, the player will be instantly knocked out, regardless of their health bar.

Bugs & Glitches

You can find many notorious bugs and glitches in the Global version & BGMI, which deteriorates the user experience. Bugs like Mic crashing, Game freeze, Parachute bug are common. On the other hand, GFP has no such bug. GFP developers take immediate action regarding any bug or glitch in the game.

Skins & Outfits

GFP skins on

The outfits and skin prices in GFP are lower when compared with global. In the Global version and BGMI, the odds of getting a mythic and legendary outfit are very low. But GFP features a better odd rate with beautiful and flashy costumes. Also, GFP outfits are designed for both male & female characters, which fulfils the clothing needs of the opposite sex.


The global version & BGMI needs a lot of improvement in areas like the anti-cheat system, Skins & outfits, Bugs & updates. None of them are superior or inferior to each other, but Global & BGMI needs improvements to provide the best gameplay experience to the player.

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