Global Esports Dismantle Samurai Esports 3-1 To Win Rooters Rise Of Legends

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Global Esports have won the Rooters Rise of Legends VALORANT Championship, dismantling Samurai Esports with a series scoreline of 3-1. Global Esports will be taking home the 140,000 INR (~2000 USD) along with the title of champions of the subcontinent yet again.

Global Esports continue their hot streak of wins, with their last defeat coming 3 weeks ago at the hands of Enigma Gaming.

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Series Review:

The victory came at the hands of a massive big game performance from Abhirup “Lightningfast” Paul and yet again another one from Ganesh “skrossi” Gangadhar. Both players boated 70+ kills over 4 maps, whilst Lightningfast putting up a massive 1.52 KD on Astra, Killjoy and Sage!

Both Simar “psy” Sethi and Karan “excali” Mhaswadkar both had a disappointing series with both of them being the secondary and primary duelists of the team respectively. They boasted a KD of 0.8 and 0.67, which were far below their standards. They also gave away 26 first bloods combined! For context, all 5 members of Global Esports across all 4 maps gave away 16 first bloods combined… not to mention another 10 first bloods given away by Shailesh “blackhawk” Dalvi, who is on Sova and Astra. Not the best statistic for a player who plays agents that are excessively required to remain alive and even lurk behind enemy lines.

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Global Esports took Haven 13-1 in a dominating yet expected GE fashion. They were subsequently beaten on Split following a solid showing on the Defending side from Samurai Esports of 9-3. GE took 5 rounds on their own defending side but could not get enough rounds to complete the comeback, and Samurai took the map convincingly. The following two maps were taken by GE in a composed and confident showing, with both scorelines being 13-4, on Ascent and Icebox respectively. 

The Final Standings:

The final standings are as follows:

  1. Global Esports - Winners
  1. Samurai Esports - Runner Ups
  1. Velocity Gaming - 3rd Place 
  1. GodLike Esports - 4th Place
  1. Union Gaming - 5th-8th

Enigma Gaming - 5th-8th

Lariox Esports - 5th-8th

  1. Zeusaberz Esports - 9th-12th

Reckoning Esports - 9th-12th

Mist Walkers - 9th-12th

Gunslingers - 9th-12th

  1. Xiphos Outplay - 13th-16th

GSC Headhunters -13th-16th

MercenarieZ - 13th-16th

Rebellious Gaming - 13th-16th