GODSENT releases African PUBG Mobile Roster 'GODSENT TEMPER' 

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GODSENT bid farewell to their African PUBG Mobile roster "GODSENT Temper" today, 18 February 2021. Godsent Temper is currently participating in the ongoing PMCO Africa 2021: Spring. The released roster is currently on the second position overall at PMCO Africa 2021: Spring. Three matchdays of PMCO Africa 2021: Spring Group Stage have concluded and three more are remaining.

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Swedish professional esports organization, GODSENT currently has two PUBG Mobile rosters from different regions. GODSENT Introduced their entry in the PUBG Mobile title last year. All 3 of the Godsent rosters had qualified for the Group Stage of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring Split. GODSENT also has the direct invite for PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 3 Europe. They will probably sign a new roster for PMPL Europe. After releasing the GODSENT TEMPER roster, they have GODSENT SIRENS and GODSENT NA roster currently playing.  

Let's take a look on the all three PUBG Mobile rosters of GODSENT:  


  • FLACO 
  • SHADY 
  • GUNNA 

GODSENT TEMPER is currently playing at PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring Split from the South Africa region.

godsent temper


  • LINGU 
  • LUNA 
  • YATEM 

GODSENT SIRENS is a female PUBG Mobile roster of GODSENT. They are playing at PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021:Spring Split from France region.

godsent sirens


  • JAG 
  • TREY 

GODSENT NA is participating at the Group stage of PMCO 2021: Spring Split North America.

godsent pubg mobile na

GODSENT entered in PUBG Mobile esports by signing Marley, Reeves, Rolkis, Navy, Ziku at European roster in 2020. They played PMCO Fall 2020 Europe where they finished as runner up and qualified for the first ever EMEA League. The team had shown an amazing performance in EMEA League and had qualified for the PMGC Season 0 by finishing at 3rd place overall at EMEA LEAGUE. GODSENT has finished at 18th position at League stage of PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0.

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