Armed Family forms PUBG Mobile lineup with ex-players of NAIX CongenialS

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Western division is doing great in the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem. Since the introduction of new Club Opens for multiple regions, many well-known esports organizations are forming teams in PUBG Mobile.

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Armed Family has introduced their PUBG Mobile roster for upcoming PUBG Mobile tournaments today, 18 February 2021. They have signed five players who last played for NAIX CongenialS. The roster might be invited to the PUBG Mobile Pro League 2021: CIS region too.  

The new Armed Family PUBG Mobile roster

  • Dmytro 'Vitamin' Moskaluik  - - IGL  
  • Oleg  'PITERSVITR'  Sergiychuk -- Starter 
  • Semen ' MALOY' Tcukurov -- Starter  
  • Sergey 'JACKIE'  Novikov --Starter  
  • Javohir 'Anonim'  Boimatov -- Starter 

This roster had shown an amazing performance during Fall Season of 2020. They finished at fifth position in the League stage of EMEA League 2020. They also secured 7th position at EMEA League Finals.

Achivements of the Armed Family PUBG Mobile roster

  • Runner Up - PUBG Mobile CIS CHALLENGER SERIES 2020 
  • Runner Up - PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split 2020 ( Russia & CIS) 
  • 5th Position - EMEA League 2020: League Stage  
  • 7th Position - EMEA League 2020: Finals

It is exciting to see that many esports organizations are stepping in PUBG Mobile. During PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020: Season 0, the Director of Tencent had said that Tencent is continuously working for the betterment of the esports ecosystem of PUBG Mobile all around the world. Tencent will focus in the western countries this year by introducing new leagues, club opens, and national tournaments. As Tencent promised, PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring Split added the new regions this year and they also introduced new Pro Leagues. In 2021, there are 27 regions in PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split Season. 

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