Is KAY/O broken? This agent is going to get nerfed within the first week, says V1 Vanity

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KAY/O is the latest and the 16th agent who joined Valorant's agent pool with the commencement of Episode 3. Every time a new agent is unveiled, it is a widespread notion that the new agent is disruptive and broken, it happened with Killjoy, Yoru and even Astra a little bit. KAY/O is going the same route and although you could argue that people will know how to counter KAY/O in some time, its abilities do feel broken, like for real. Like KAY/O can be revived by any of its allies (Jett finally) while in ultimate. Yes, Sage can rez too but that's the only utility she gets out of her ultimate. In the case of KAY/O, it gains combat steam, suppression, and the ability to be revived.

Of course, it's not just the ultimate ability that feels overpowered. KAY/O has got ZERO/POINT, which suppresses other agents caught in its sizeable radius. The remaining two abilities are familiar, one is a pop flash, and the other is a grenade similar to Killjoy's Nanoswarm.

KAY/O is listed as an initiator, but some professional players believe that KAY/O is a duelist in disguise who can potentially replace Phoenix or Rage. 100 Thieves IGL Spencer 'Hiko' Martin says, "I feel like his (KAY/O) abilities are a duelist’s [skills]..."

Another professional player who believes KAY/O is broken is Version1's IGL Vanity. While breaking down KAY/O's abilities, he said, "This agent is going to get nerfed within the first week. This knife [ZERO/POINT] needs to get nerfed already."

KAY/O's knives have a pretty big radius and they can suppress opponents even when they are not in their line of sight. It can even disable some of the ultimate abilities like Raze's. However, the fact that it can be destroyed by bullets, is something that is keeping the Valorant community from flaming Riot.

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