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You have heard it right, PUBG Mobile is on the brink of getting banned in India! The whole gaming community is shaken by the news of the most popular game to be included in the list of Chinese Apps that are being banned. The Indian Government recently banned 59 Chinese Apps including TikTok, WeChat, UC browser and a lot more. This time there is a possibility that PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds (PUBG) may get a huge setback.

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Is PUBG Chinese?

pubg ban in india

The most important aspect that we need to discuss is the originality of the game. Many of you believe PUBG to be a Chinese App that might disclose your personal data for misuse. But this is not exactly true. Actually it is developed and published by a South Korean video game company- Bluehole. After it started gaining popularity in the community, Tencent joined with Bluehole to market this product in China.

In India, this game is distributed by Tencent Holdings, due to which the government fears that it might breach privacy and steal personal information of the players. However, a total of 275 apps are under scan long with PUBG that might get ban in the country.

PUBG ban in Pakistan

There has been a news of Pakistan banning this game within its territory. The reason stated for the same was the spike rise in suicides in the country. Reports state that Pakistan Government decided to ban PUBG and the rule has been successfully implemented. In several cases, the reason for suicide was not being able to complete designated tasks in the game.

pubg ban in india
Updated: PUBG ban is lifted in Pakistan

Is "PUBG ban in India" true?

The government is trying to detect whether the policies of PUBG are violating any kind of national rule regarding privacy. The Internet is flooded with this news and players seem to be worried about the same. According to reports, there are very less chances of making PUBG ban in India. But if you are a person who spends several hours on this game daily, this might be heartbreaking news.

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The developers assure about their privacy holdings and promise not to share any confidential data. But the government don't want to risk anything when the stakes are high. Considering the intensity of relations between India & China, we must not risk anything.


Talking about the conclusion, nothing can be said right now! The government is discussing about this topic and will give their final statement soon. It is sure that they will not do anything to game that holds more than 40 Million players in the country. There might be some restrictions on the details that we share.

Until then, enjoy playing PUBG with your friends and do let us know about your views on "PUBG ban in India" in the comment section below.

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