Krafton, Inc. Chairman, BG Chang, reveals plans to gift up to $89 Million USD in stock to employees

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KRAFTON, Inc. Chairman, Byung Gyu (BG) Chang, recently announced plans to give up to $89 million USD in private KRAFTON shares to all current global team members and new hires who join the company before September 2021.

Given the complexities of the South Korean market, participation in an upcoming Employee Stock Ownership Program is limited to domestic team members. To support overseas members, BG decided to privately gift his own KRAFTON shares to all global employees. Through an internal email to global employees, BG Chang expressed his gratitude towards all members of KRAFTON, noting the company’s continued success would not be possible without the dedicated individuals across the world who are driving toward a common goal - to make KRAFTON one of the top entertainment property creators in the world.

“This gesture is an expression of my passion and commitment to our global audience, market, and employees,” said BG Chang, Chairman of KRAFTON, Inc. “It brings me joy to be able to invest in our team members as they have helped build the company into what it is today. Together, we will continue to build KRAFTON into something greater.”

In addition to fostering the growth of its talent through a competitive compensation system and various new internal company initiatives, KRAFTON is actively recruiting some of the world’s top talent in a bid to hire an additional 700 employees throughout the next year.

Note: This is a press release from KRAFTON, Inc., Gamzo has not edited it.

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