Krafton is convincing the Indian Govt for PUBG Mobile India relaunch release date

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  • A Krafton representative had said that they were in talks with The Indian Govt.
  • Krafton might also be seeking permission for PUBG: New State.
  • PUBG: New State is yet to be announced in India.

Krafton was in talks with the Indian authorities as reported on 25th January 2021 by the Korean news outlet Etoday. A Krafton representation was quoted saying that, "We are constantly communicating with the Indian government to re-launch the PUBG Mobile in India, and we are working hard." However, there has been no news about the potential comeback of PUBG Mobile India since then.

A new title in the PUBG universe was announced on 25 February 2021, but this game, PUBG New State, too was not allowed in India. PUBG New State is being developed and published by Krafton themselves, and not Tencent.

Will PUBG Mobile India launch, or will PUBG New State will bring a new beginning?

Krafton has been trying to persuade the Indian government ever since PUBG Mobile was banned. PUBG Mobile was banned along with other Chinese apps, so it should be safe to say that the game was banned due to its links with Tencent, a Chinese company.

However, Krafton has employed different measures to convince the government about PUBG Mobile in India not being tied to Tencent. The right to publish the game was taken away from Tencent, Krafton also partnered with Microsoft Azure to host the game's data servers.

PUBG Mobile India was still not given permission to launch in India. Industry experts suspect that PUBG Mobile India is not being permitted to launch due to FAU-G, a game built by an Indian company nCore Games.

With that being said, the release of PUBG New State too in India seems tough, although Krafton is working hard to get the game launched in India.

It's important to note that, PUBG New State will not launch in India at the time of its global release. However, Krafton is working hard to get the PUBG Mobile titles launched in India, reports AFK Gaming.

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