Rank Reset in Free Fire for Season 20

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The ranks in Free Fire are set to reset like any other game of the same genre like COD mobile and PUBG mobile. Currently the present season has ended and the new season has begun. The new season will bring in new rewards so you can now grind to get them.

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Rank Reset

Rank Reset

The rank tiers will be updated and you will find the following below.

  • Users in Heroic tier will drop down to Gold II tier.
  • Users in Diamond tiers (I to IV) will drop down to Gold I tier.
  • Users in Platinum tiers (I to IV) will drop down to Silver II tier.
  • Users in Gold tiers (I to IV) will drop down to Silver I tier.
  • Users in Silver tiers (I to III) will drop down to the Bronze II tier.
  • Users in Bronze tiers (I to III) will drop down to Bronze I tier
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Rank Reset

At this point in the game the highest rank will be that of gold tier 2. This gives other players a chance to top the leader board and all the players will rise through their ranks using their skill and game knowledge. The credit store has also been updated so be sure to check it out.

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Rank TIers

Free Fire Official Statement

Free Fire in its social media platforms have stated that the new rank season will be released on 26th of February and the store will also update. The new ranked token rewards are the M828- Deadly Glares.

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Free Fire Announcement

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