Lakia leaves Nuturn Gaming

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Lakia leaves Nuturn Gaming: Kim "Lakia" Jong-min (김종민) and Nuturn Gaming have parted ways earlier today.

NU Lakia was easily the best player in the entire Nuturn Gaming Valorant team. His highlight reel in VCT Masters 2: Reykjavik alone was something to behold. Many North American professional Valorant players and streamers/influencers like 100T Hiko, Shroud and Justin said that NU Lakia has a pretty good aim when asked to name some players who surprised them in Reykjavik on stream.

In VCT Masters 2, Lakia achieved the 9th highest Average Combat Score in the whole event. He was one of the main reasons for Nuturn's top three finish in the competition. So many would say that him leaving the team came as a big surprise.

As for NuturnGaming, Choi "10X" Jin-woo (최진우) would be taking Lakia's spot as per NU solo's tweet.

Nuturn Gaming are now:

  •  Choi "10X" Jin-woo (최진우)
  •  Park "allow" Sang-wook (박상욱)
  •  Seo "Suggest" Jae-young (서재영)
  •  Jung "peri" Bum-ki (정범기)
  •  Kang "solo" Geun-chul (강근철)
  •  Jeong "Jaemin" Jae-min (정재민) (Head coach)

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