Mohit 'mw1' Wakle joins Velocity Gaming (VLT)

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The carry-king of Indian Valorant esports, Mohit 'mw1' Wakle, has joined Velocity Gaming today. With the addition of mw1, Velocity Gaming (VLT) have finally got the staple Jett player, which had been missing since the departure of Antidote.

Update: mw1 has joined Valocity Gaming just for VCC (Valorant Conquerors Championship) and VCT. In the mean time, Marzil will take his time to 'learn' the game and will be back after VCC (or VCT, if Velocity Gaming qualifies).

Velocity Gaming has announced the update on Instagram saying, "We are pleased to welcome Mohit "mw1" Wakle to Velocity Gaming. ❤️"

The addition of MW1 will surely take the loads off of Amaterasu from the duelist role. Velocity Gaming had been lagging behind somewhere in getting the initial frags and opening the site, ever since the departure of Excali. Velocity Gaming had to depend on Amaterasu' Phoenix for the opening frags, since Marzil is still 'learning' the game. MW1 will bring a lot of flexibility to VLT's playstyle and also let Amaterasu be the IGL.

Velocity Gaming, with MW1, are the top contenders for the upcoming VCC (Valorant Conquerors Championship) along with Global Esports, Samurai Esports, and Godlike Esports. Rahul Hinduja of Global Esports commented, "El Classico’s about to get a lot more fun 🔥"

The updated lineup of Velocity Gaming (with MW1)

VLT is back on 6 man roster after today's addition. The new lineup of Velocity Gaming is as followed:

  • Mohit 'mw1' Wakle
  • Tejas 'Ace' Sawant
  • Vibhor 'VibhoRR' Vaid
  • Anuj 'Amaterasu' Sharma
  • Angeya 'Marzil' Koushik
  • Sagnik 'hellff' Roy

MW1 played with Velocity Gaming in Esportz Premier Series against team 7 Sins today, and here is a clip from the match.