Mortal BGMI sensitivity, control code and more

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Mortal BGMI sensitivity, control code and more: With the official release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, every BGMI player is trying to set up the best controls and sensitivity for them to dominate in the game. Mortal, one of the most popular streamers and star players in the BGMI community, is known for his incomparable game sense and immense gun power. Mortal uses BGMI 4 finger layout code to do multiple tasks like prone, shoot, jiggle, jump, aim, etc., at the same time. He is admired in the community for his excellent AKM recoil and insane DP-28 bursts. He has represented India at global level tournaments like PEC (Peacekeeper Elite Championship) and PMCO in Berlin, China and Malaysia.

Mortal Control Code

Mortal sensitivity is the best sensitivity for any newbie and rookie player. Mortal’s sensitivity can help your aim to become more stable. And you can trace multiple running targets easily with his sensitivity. Every aspiring BGMI player wants to copy the game style of Mortal. You can copy his control layout by placing his control code on your layout. Mortal's BGMI control code is - 6974-6239-1907-3395-486.

Mortal BGMI Control Layout

Mortal uses BGMI 4 finger layout code while playing BGMI. This layout helps him to minimize the gun recoil and for better aiming. Also, he has revealed these controls while streaming on YouTube.

Soul Mortal Controls on

Mortal BGMI Sensitivity

The snapshots of Freelook settings, Camera, ADS, and gyroscope will be mentioned below, respectively.

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Freelook Sensitivity

FreelookSensitivity mortal 1536x776 1 on

Camera Sensitivity

Camerasensitivity Mortal on

ADS Sensitivity

adssensitivity mortal 1536x831 1 on

Gyroscope Sensitivity

gyroscopesensitivity Mortal 1536x813 1 on

These sensitivity and controls are overpowered as they offer a better hold on them. Also, any player can quickly master these controls and sensitivity as they are straightforward and advanced. You can use Mortal's BGMI sensitivity to dominate even conqueror lobbies in the game. You can use this sensitivity for both assaulting and snipping.