Noble Esports in India, a tale of fallacy and jealousy

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  • Noble India had shut down on 13 Feb 2021 on account of unpaid salaries.
  • We have investigated the whole fiasco, and the truth is rather scary.

Anshuman Dash, the then head of Noble India, had announced that they were no longer a part of Noble Esports. Our sources had revealed (which was later confirmed) that it was due to the unpaid salary to the Indian players and staff. While this seems like a typical incident of an organization not paying salary, the truth is much darker and scary for the Indian Esports ecosystem. This is rather a sample case of fallacy and jealousy. This is a tale of how a random person can destroy a whole organization just because of their personal beef.

Disclaimer: This story is based on claims made by Anshuman Dash. We have not yet heard from Noble Esports.

Why was Noble Esports shut in India?

Anshuman Dash reveals that a random person influenced Kyle McDougal, the owner of Noble esports, into believing that their India staff was "lazy" and was just "fulfilling their needs of luxurious life." The person also accused Anshuman Dash and his team of "unorthodox expenditure" among many other baseless and personal allegations. The documents accessed by Gamzo prove Anshuman's points.

Sunmughan is corrupting Kyle McDougal on
Chat between Sunmughan Swami and Kyle McDougal

Eventually, Kyle McDougal stopped sending funds to India. Anshuman recalls that they had to sell their kit to pay for the expenses. Even after selling everything, they could not meet the expenses and were forced to leave Noble Esports.

Noble India shuts down due to unpaid salary: sources

Anshuman alleges that Kyle McDougal even stopped responding to their messages and calls.

Now that Kyle McDougal has stopped responding, the responsibility to pay for Noble India's expenses lies on Anshuman's shoulder. The due expenses include months of Bootcamp rent, the salary of players and staff, and other utility bills.

The person who corrupted Noble India

The person we have been talking about, who empoisoned Kyle McDougal, is Sunmughan Swamy, who was a friend of Anshuman Dash. It so happened that Sunmughan got to know about Noble Esports coming to India, and he wanted to join them.

Sunmughan wanted to work for Noble Esports on
Chat between Sunmughan and Kyle McDougal

Sunmughan even stayed at Noble India's Mumbai Bootcamp with Anshuman for a few days before being kicked out.

Sunmughan Swami was at Noble Esports' Mumbai bootcamp
Sunmughan Swami at Noble Esports' Mumbai bootcamp

Anshuman claims that Sunmughan's behavior at the boot camp was not suitable. While at the Bootcamp, Sunmughan would message and pressure Kyle McDougal to hire him. Documents accessed by Gamzo further confirm the fact. Eventually, when Sunmughan was kicked out, he started corrupting the owner of Noble Esports against their Indian staff, because of his personal beef with Anshuman Dash.

Another chat between sunmughan and kyle on

Can the Indian staff sue Noble Esports?

Noble Esports was not a registered company in India. Although the Indian staff had signed a contract with Noble Esports, they can't take legal action. Now the question remains, who will pay the due bills of Noble India?

We have asked Kyle McDougal to comment on this whole fiasco, we will update the story accordingly.

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