PUBG Mobile New Map in 1.3 Update | 5 Features About it

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The players are going to witness the PUBG Mobile New Map in the upcoming update. There is no doubt in the fact that this is going to be a major update. Also, we have compiled some of the major improvements to the map. Make sure to read the full article.

PUBG mobile is already ruling the gaming community with all of its maps. However, the developers are always trying to improve the game. The best way is to introduce a new map. This time, the players will be getting a brand new map in the global version. Also, this map is already featured in the PUBG PC earlier. Thus, it would be fun to see what will it do in the mobile version.

PUBG Mobile New Map- Karakin

pubg mobile new map karakin

Yes, the map that will feature in the 1.3 update is Karakin. This will be this 6th edition of map type in the game. The size of the map is kept not bigger than Livik ie. 2x2. It is like a mini version of Miramar but more intense. Therefore, it would be fun to play classic matches on a small map like this. Also, the map will contain 64 players in the beginning. The map will have new tactics that will change the gameplay. Some of the changes that will come with PUBG Mobile new map are,

#1 Sticky Bomb

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As the name suggests, the Sticky bomb can stick to any surface before activating. There will be a time of 6 seconds before the bomb goes off. Therefore, it will come in handy while killing a group of enemies. Also, they will break the hidden walls to get access to the secret chambers on the map.

#2 Breakable Walls

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The game will now have something called breakable walls. Players can easily spot the difference between a normal and a breakable wall. These walls can be used to enter a building from a different angle. These walls can be broken with the help of sticky bombs, You only need to place the bomb directly on them, and boom!

#3 Shoot Through Walls

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This new feature is only present in the PUBG Mobile new map Karakin where the players can shoot behind the walls. Yes, this is not a hack or cheat but you can fire and take damage from these walls. It will take some time and you will soon get used to these walls. Moreover, you can spot the difference and can locate these special walls.

#4 Secret Bunkers

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The PUBG Mobile new map will also have secret places for loot. These bunkers can be spotted with big dom-like structures. Players can access these with the help of some sticky bombs. Once you are inside, you also need sticky bombs to get out of it.

#5 Black Zones

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There will be no red zones in Karakin, instead, players will now experience the concept of a black zone. The buildings in the black zone will be destroyed and players should take stay inside them. The best way to counter black zones is by staying in open and away from the buildings.

We hope that these new features will help you to understand PUBG Mobile new map- Karakin. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.