Nodwin Gaming Announces Call of Duty Mobile Invitational.

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Popular Esports Company NODWIN Gaming has announced The Call of Duty Mobile India Invitational where they have invited India's top Mobile Pro-Players to form their teams and partake in their events. The Event includes the Like of Popular PUBG Mobile Streamer and Player, Scout, Thug, Regaltos, Owais, etc.

The Call of Duty Mobile Esports scene has been recently gaining attention due to the PUBG (i.e. Player Unknown Battle-grounds) ban in India. The Call of Duty game was previously overshadowed by PUBG, but after the ban on PUBG, the majority of the PUBG gamers are playing Call of Duty and calling it their new home. Call of Duty never saw a large prize pool or competition compared to what PUBG Esports offered. But since the ban on PUBG and Mobile legends in India, other games have been getting the spotlight,e.g. League of Legends: Wildrift and Call of Duty Mobile. Now it’s Call Of Duty: Mobile players time to shine as the Esports scene of the game is now picking up with larger prize pools, more participation, and more viewership!
The Tournament is set to be between 8 teams and will face each other on 20th November.

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