PUBG Mobile India Data Transfer Begins? | Data Migration Real or Fake?

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Many Indian users have been getting an in-game notification about PUBG Mobile INDIA data transfer that takes permission from the user to transfer the data. This might be the case that all your information is getting migrated from the Global Version to the Indian version.

The past few days have been increasing excitement within the Indian gaming community as we are getting our own version of the game- PUBG Mobile INDIA. A small teaser has been released that got immense love from the audience. The time is not far when the game will get unban by the government and we will be able to play it again.

As we move further, many players are getting a notification from PUBG when they start the game. This notification asks them to transfer their data from the Global version of the game to PUBG Mobile INDIA. The notification states,

pubg mobile india data transfer

Welcome! We can help transfer your data from us (Proxima Beta Pte. Limited), the operator of PUBG Mobile to PUBG Corporation, the
operator of PIJBG Mobile INDIA so that you can use such data to log in PUBG Mobile INDIA until [1 June 2021]. Please note that after [1
June 2021], such transfer will no longer be possible. We (Proxima Beta Pte. Limited) need your consent for the transfer of data to
PIJBG Corporation. Do you wish to provide your consent?

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This can also be found in the Settings tab in the game. It will ask for your permission to start transferring the data. Nothing has been said by the officials regarding this and players are really keen to know that do they have to do it now or maybe later. This will save all of their inventory and they can use all the skins and outfits in the new version. PUBG Mobile INDIA data transfer can be a positive sign for the players.

Is PUBG Mobile India Data Transfer Legit?

Now the question arises that is it really true that PUBG Corp. is asking us to transfer our data. The answer is maybe not, at least not right now and not like this. The government has not given a YES to PUBG Mobile INDIA as of now. There are a lot of paperwork that needs to be done before starting anything. PUBG will definitely given us time to do this as only a few players have received this notification. It can be a glitch, but it will become reality in the near future.

So, for now we need to stick to our casual routine and wait for the game. The trailer will be launched soon and thus stay tuned with Gamzo for more updates.

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