Omen Valorant: ValoNERD #8- Omen on Ascent- Defending side

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Omen Valorant: ValoNERD #8- Omen on Ascent- Defending side: Let's take a look at how to play Omen defensively on Ascent.

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  1. If the enemies decide to push B bombsite, smoke B-main and Mid.
  2. Smoke B-main as shown in the image below.
  3. Make sure that your smoke doen't bleed out into B-main. This stops enemies lurking your smokes
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3. Smoke Mid. Many teams like to play split to execute the B-bombsite on Ascent. Smoking both the B-site entrances will slow the enemy ppush.

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Mid Control

Mid control is essential on a map like Ascent. If you and your team decides to take mid control in a round, then these smokes will surely help you and your team in taking up space in Mid.

  1. Smoke tiles.
image 11 on
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2. Smoke Top Mid.

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Smoking Top Mid and tiles also prevents enemy OPers from taking you down at the beginning of round.

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  1. If you or your teammate decides to peek A-main early either to take a pick or to just spot enemies, you as an Omen player, can help your teammate.
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Smoke as shown in the image above. Make sure to place the smoke on top of the wall.

image 16 on

This smoke will act as a one-way for your teammate.

image 17 on

If the enemies try to push the A-bomb site, you should always smoke A-main.

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