Omen reveals Gold Quest Esports Scholarship worth Rs 12 lakhs

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HP Omen has announced a full-year esports scholarship, Gold Quest. The Gold Quest esports scholarship was announced in the Omen FanFest 2020 held today, December 2, 2020. This will provide three selected candidates with financial support, and kit among others.

The Omen Gold Quest esports scholarship is a year-long program for Indian esports enthusiasts, starting in 2021. Omen will select three candidates and help them with Rs 12 lakhs each. The Gold Quest package includes necessary gaming kits, a monthly salary of Rs 50,000, and training. Only PC gamers in the age group of 16-20 can apply for the Omen Gold Quest esports scholarship.

The selection process for the Gold Quest is expected to start from February 2021, and end by June 2021. "We are glad to announce India's first full year scholarship program in 2021, Esports Gold Quest for three people. We will be announcing the process for selection and inviting entries from February 2021, and you can nominate yourself...", said Ketan Patel, MD, HP India.

ocean sharma in omen fanfest 2020, where Gold Quest esports scholarship was announced

Gaming and esports are among the fastest-growing competitive pursuits in India and globally. It is a stage on which Indian talent has the potential to compete with the best in the globe. As a market leader, we are working towards making the gaming ecosystem more inclusive for everyone, fueling the passion in gaming, and providing a launchpad for budding esports talent in the country. The scholarship program announced today is in line with our philosophy of ‘Play to Progress’ and we hope to see champions at the world stage from India soon.

Ketan Patel, MD- HP India in Omen FanFest 2020

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Omen FanFest 2020 was held today, 2 December 2020

The Omen FanFest featured some of the biggest names from the Indian esports including Nimish Raut, Tirth Mehta, and Samay Raina, Manasvivi, and Fotty Seven. The panel discussed the growth of esports in India and career opportunities in gaming. HP announced the Omen Squad, which is a group of influencers. Omen Squad currently has four out of five members, Ocean Sharma, HellrangeR, Manasvivi, and Abish Mathew, and one spot is empty.

They also announced Omen Crib today, Wednesday, which is a complete gaming setup. Omen Crib has a dual monitor desk, keyboard, headset, mouse, mousepad, speakers, and the Omen gaming chair. Check out Omen Crib here.

You can watch the full Omen FanFest 2020 below (skip to 2:07:43 for the scholarship announcement part).

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