Piggyback or Carry Feature in PUBG | Krafton New Update 14.1

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PUBG Introducing Piggyback or Carry Feature: We have recently come across a brand new update from Krafton in PUBG. There is no doubt in the fact that players receive regular improvements in the game. Moreover, now developers bring a new Piggyback or Carry feature in PUBG with the latest update. Here is the complete overview of the PUBG Update 14.1 along with its new and improved gameplay.

PUBG is one of the most anticipated and popular battle-royal games in the gaming community. Millions of players are actively online and enjoying matches with their squad. The developers at Krafton ensures to provide an enhanced gaming experience to the users. Therefore, they are all set to spice up things in the game.

Carry Feature in PUBG

The first feature that will prove to be a game-changer is the new Carry Feature in PUBG. As the name suggests, you can now carry your knocked teammates on your back. Make sure that your teammate is getting revived at the moment and is behind cover. Also, the bleeding speed will decrease while you are carrying the teammate. However, he will take damage if enemy weapons shoot at it. The most interesting part is that you can carry anyone, including enemy players also. Thus, use them as a cover and try to run to a safe spot.

carry feature in pubg

Coming to the person who is carrying as he can only do hip fire during the piggyback situation. Further, you can't crouch or prone as you are carrying another person on the back. Hence, make sure you plan out the trail before trying to become a suicidal hero. This will even help you to carry your teammate out of the blue zone accordingly.

New Halloween Skins

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As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner and PUBG is ready to get a new festive theme. Apart from the carry feature in PUBG, players will enjoy a new Happy Halloween Theme. You will also get a chance to win the all-new Trick or Treat M416 skin which is teased in the patch reports.

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